Biotrack Analysers

In almost every process industry, timely and accurate information is crucial. When information processes are controlled, operational decisions can be made and management evaluation of decisions can be performed with confidence. Not only the information itself, but also its accuracy and timing are important. Specifically, when it is about biological processes, management needs to know how biology is affecting their processes and whether test results are positive or negative. Timely information affords cost saving and managerial decision making that is critical to balanced corporate success.

In past decades, a significant amount of industrial innovation has taken place resulting in production processes becoming faster, better controlled, and more cost effective. There are many examples of this in various industries that use water in their production processes.

It is therefore all the more surprising now that those responsible for these processes seem to accept that there is one important parameter they know nothing about: bacteria and bacterial contamination. It is generally accepted that it takes time to search for bacteria. WHY?

Biotrack did not accept this as a “fact of life”. Biotrack wants to change the way industries look at biology and bacteria. Biotrack provides useful Bio Information Technology data that is actionable with speed and accuracy being the key parameters.

Why wait days for analytical results? Why accept long delays in healthcare, production and distribution? Why manage production processes with so little insight into actual bacteria concentrations? Why wouldn’t you develop your own trend analysis?

Bacteria are the most common living species on this planet, and for almost any environment, there are different bacteria that thrive.

Biotrack provides its clients with biological information technology: i.e. actionable data!

An important building block for our solutions is the BT and BTMED platform.

Biotrack provides microbial information technology

A Biotrack Analyser is an autonomous operating bioanalysis platform. It can be applied in the rapid bio monitoring of specific micro-organisms both in the laboratory as well at your remote test site of choice.

Our Biotrack analysers combine the reliability and time tested principle of filter cytometry with the speed of analysis and the specificity of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). The Analyser platform has been developed over a period of years and is continuously further developed. Development projects are always together with partners that bring extensive testing in various industries.

Biotrack Analysers are capable of measuring numbers of specific micro-organisms in liquid samples ranging from 10 ul to 500 ml. Sample volumes of 2 liters are achievable.

Biotrack Analysers can measure a range of bacteria varying from total cell counts to specific (sub) species. It can operate autonomously while inline, in-process or in lab.

Biotrack Analysers can handle almost any concentration of bacteria and detection limits are simply adjusted to the desired specifications for use.