Whether Drinking Water or Waste Water, the rapid availability of Biological Information is crucial to maintain the right quality and guard our safety.
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Marine & Environmental

Information on the microbiological quality of “surface” water and aquifer water is an important parameter for public and municipal awareness.
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Monitoring of the microbial composition of ballast water is now easy and reliable with the use of AquaScope. On-board monitoring allows efficient and rapid handling of ballast water.
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Microbiology is a crucial component in farming. Both in growing crop and cattle, the biological composition of soil and water plays an important part.
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Food, Beverages & Dairy

In the food production industry, microbiological contaminants are one of the most important threads for food safety. Early warning and monitoring greatly enhance food safety.
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Oil & Gas

Microbiological components form an important part of the challenges in oil and gas production processes. Biotrack provide THE tools to rapidly monitor and allow effective oil and gas production.
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Biotrack at Aquatech!

Biotrack participated in the Aquatech exhibition, which was held from 3 till 6 November 2015, at RAI Amsterdam. Our joint stand with other parties of the Water Alliance, was a great succes. The next Aquatech will take place in 2017.