Biotrack Analysers

Biotrack delivers a range of analyzers.

Ranging from in-field fully autonomous monitoring systems to in-lab high throughput products. They all have one thing in common: Biotrack’s patented C-FISH technology for microbial analyses.

C-FISH technology stands out for its versatility, accuracy, speed and reliability. More info on the C-FISH technology can be found here.

It is generally accepted that it takes time to search for microorganisms. But WHY?

Biotrack did not accept this as a “fact of life”. Biotrack wants to change the way everyone looks at biology and micro-organisms.

Biotrack systems provide useful Bio Information Technology data that is actionable with speed and accuracy being the key parameters.

Why wait days for analytical results? Why accept long delays in healthcare, production and distribution? Why manage processes or treat patients with so little insight into actual biological concentrations? Why wouldn’t you develop your own trend analysis?

Why not look at microbial activity?

Microorganisms are the most common living species on this planet, and for almost any environment, there are different bacteria that thrive.

Biotrack provides biological information technology: i.e. actionable data!
An important building block for our solutions is the BT and BTMED platform.

Biotrack provides microbial information technology
A Biotrack analyser is a C-FISH platform. It can be applied in the rapid bio monitoring of specific micro-organisms both in the laboratory as well as at your remote test site of choice. Or it can be used for high throughput analyses in the lab.

Moreover Biotrack technology can be used in the search for hard to detect organisms in air and human samples.

Our Biotrack analysers combine state-of-art features like advanced fluorescent assays, high-end optics, UHD digital imaging and of course Artificial Intelligence, all in house developed. This is the Biotrack C-FISH technology. Click here

We have test kits for a range of targets. For more on our test kits, click here.

Biotrack analysers can measure a range of micro-organisms such as bacteria varying from total cell counts to specific (sub) species. It can operate autonomously while inline, in-process or in lab.

Biotrack analysers can handle almost any concentration of micro-organisms and detection limits are simply adjusted to the desired specifications for use.

Biotrack analysers have the unique (and patented) feature to determine microbial activity on a single cell level. In other words:

Every individual microbial cell is detected, identified, counted and its activity is determined.

Biotrack applications:

  • Antibiotic Susceptibility testing
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Chronic infections
  • Wound fluid
  • Pharmaceutical product testing
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Oncology screening
  • Air monitoring
  • Liquid monitoring
  • And many more