About us

“Knowledge is power” a wise man once said.

So why is it that a lot of processes are performed without actually knowing what is going on???

Biological processes are present everywhere, but we continue to produce goods and materials while not truly understanding what transpires biologically within or surrounding the act of producing these goods and materials.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.”― Stephen Hawking.

Biotrack lifts the veil of illusion; the Illusion of “knowledge” by providing comprehensive knowledge, useful and actionable biological knowledge.

We are Biotrack B.V., and it is our aim to provide knowledge to our clients; Knowledge that is useful, timely, and actionable biological data specifically identifying the biological activities within processes.

We provide: Bio Information Technology.

Biotrack is a different company! It has distinguished itself as “The Bio Information Company” that is focused on the development and implementation of novel microbial sensing technologies to achieve “real time” and “actionable” diagnostic solutions.

We replace outdated traditional microbial methods with ultrafast methods of detection that feature “time-to-results” of less than 45 minutes. Our data provides highly reliable results that yield “peace of mind” to your processes.

Our systems provide accurate, specific and actionable results for the rapid detection of microorganisms either off-line or in-line; on-site or mobile; in water, food, liquids, solids, gases and industrial process streams.

Our experienced scientific team has accepted the “global challenge” to shorten the time to microbial detection results. We are focused on developing innovative instrumentation for ultrafast microbial screening, detection, and specific identification, to “partner” with you to prevent ecological and health related microbial contaminations.