Our team

The Biotrack scientific team set a new and higher standard for “Bio Information Technology”. Microbiological issues are seemingly everywhere simply because microbiological trends are developing faster and faster, whereas the systems to attain biological data knowledge has been stagnant for decades. This has left a vacuum of knowledge for actionable, specific, and rapid microbial detection that is now addressed with BioTrack’s C-FISH technology and automated systems.

Why do we live in the “age of information technology” and yet we rely on 100 year old methods to analyze bacteria?

We challenge that outdated premise and believe that the ”Modern Age” is entitled to and will embrace the “Modern Bio Information Technology” we have established as the new modern standard.

At Biotrack we strive to provide the best solution for our clients. We can help your company with your microbial quality assurance, food safety and health-related contaminations by offering technical solutions and diagnostic tests to uncover the source and cause of the problem.

Biotrack is a growing group of professionals with a myriad of individual talents who work continuously to provide our clients with the best possible bio- information solution for them: rapid, actionable, and cost effective biological data and trend analysis.

With an impressive cumulative background in (medical) microbiology molecular biology, mechatronics & instrumentation engineering, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence development plus experienced management, together we face our opponent: time. We accomplish this by providing you with specific and actionable data.

We are an energetic team of professionals who are contributing to a better and safer world by developing solutions with the aim of alerting and preventing ecological and health related microbial contaminations.

With confidence, we now can say we are able to accelerate microbial testing while at the same time raising the bar of accuracy by reducing false positives and/or false negatives. If traditional testing methods are characterized as “walking speed”, we have already raised the state of the art to jogging, and from jogging to cycling. Now at Biotrack we are heading for Formula 1 racing…. and we will be the first to achieve even higher goals.

Each day we are challenging ourselves to improve our applications with the help of our partners and our many ambassadors at our reference sites. Join us today! Make your call to upgrade your biological detection capability to the “new age of biological data” offered by BioTrack.