During the Aquatech last november Gerard Schouten pitched for the Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award 2014. At this moment Biotrack is in the 3rd place. You can still vote until the 15th of Ja...

Rapid detection of microorganisms in almost every matrix thinkable, that is what Biotrack stands for!

Biotrack provides services and systems to rapidly analyze bacteria. Biotrack can rapidly analyze almost any sample provided with its analytical services using its own patented processes and products.

Biotrack provides full service products to its customers for on-site and in-house analyses done by our customers.

The main features of Biotrack’s services and systems are:

  • Rapid analysis of bacteria with AquaScope platform.
  • In-line and in-time monitoring of bacterial contamination levels in systems with AquaMonitor.
  • Continuous control of toxicity levels with ToxBox.
  • On the spot automated analyzing of spores with AeroScope.