Marine & Environmental

Information on the microbiological quality of “surface” water and aquifer water is an important parameter for public and municipal awareness.

Whether used for public information on open swimming water, monitoring the effect of wastewater discharge on the environmental microbiological flora, or developing insight on the effects of undesired spills in to open environment, Biotrack’s products allow for intensive and reliable monitoring and trending.

Although marine life has proven to be very resilient, it remains vulnerable to human interference. Discharging of waste and/or ballast exchange in marine environments is often first noticed in the bacterial populations before populations of aquatic species are lost, plant or animal.

Biotrack’s AquaScope allows for a quick but thorough “sweep” of the actual microbial status of surface waters and marine environments.

Not only will sudden changes be observed, but also monitoring and trending may be applied allowing for excellent insight into slowly changing circumstances, thus providing more timely and reliable data on actual marine environment health factors.

Biotrack’s AquaScope can be applied in a range of marine and environmental applications in both saline and freshwater environments. With wireless capability included, user defined actions and alarms may be specifically designed to your application.