Food, Beverages & Dairy

The microbiological safety of foods and food ingredients form a pivotal factor upon which the quality of food production processes are based.

Direct availability of reliable and validated microbiological data is therefore of the utmost importance for producer and consumer alike.

AquaScope allows for the monitoring of the microbiological status of your ingredients, products and equipment in real-time at the production facility itself. This allows operators and plant management to further optimize the quality of the production process.

Fast responses based on instantly available microbiological data allows for less downtime and shortens production cycles.

AquaScope allows for the reduction in product quarantine times (todays standardized detection techniques) as well as more adequate cleaning procedures. In-process testing also allows for rapid quality control procedures, potentially saving a large percentage of operational and logistics costs.

AquaScope monitors all deviations in microbial species and their respective numbers and allows for corrections of the production process leading to a significant decrease in the amount of rejected product. Finally, as a consequence of this, the risk for recall action is diminished.

Saving time is of essence for food manufacturers, allowing for higher throughput and improved stock optimization. AquaScope is tuned to detect any specific species or group of species upon user request or in a fully autonomous mode.

Biotrack’s AquaScope can be used for monitoring pre-cultures of several food pathogens using a combination of a dry bath pre-incubator and AquaScope. There is also the possibility for on-site monitoring of pre-cultures of various food pathogens.

AquaScope’s wireless reporting can be a tremendous help in record keeping as well as establishing a “baseline” for trending and potential record reviews by authorities.