Soils contain a mind-boggling diversity and abundance of microbes. These microbes become an ever more important aspect of today’s farming.

As with the human body—tens of trillions of microbes living inside us— communities of diverse composition form in different parts of the plants. In many crops the area near the roots contains thousands of different species with a community mix that varies across plant cultivars and soil types.

The variations and changes in soil compositions can also seriously influence the microbial flora in said soil.

By monitoring that flora, the earliest changes become visible allowing farmers to adjust their soil regimes in time to reduce damage.

Further, not only the soil can be monitored but plants themselves can be monitored to determine favorable and unfavorable microbes being present. This can save large sums of money through proper type and timing of appropriate and specific biocides.

Since microbial life in soil and plants is abundant and crucial, every change in its environment will result in a change in composition and quantity of microbes. With Biotrack’s technology platform an accurate tool is available to monitor and control those circumstances almost in real time.