AquaPrep – Concentrating Pipette

Together with US based InnovaPrep, Biotrack offers the “Concentrating Pipette”. The Concentrating Pipette is an automated, rapid micro-particle concentrator developed for general microbiology use. The system essentially performs ‘mechanical enrichment’ as a front-end to rapid microbial detection in just minutes, replacing laborious centrifugation or enrichment steps.

The one-pass method provides sample volume reduction and removal of matrix-associated inhibitors for direct detection—enabling sample-to-answer in hours, rather than days.

Problems with many liquid samples include; the titer of dangerous biological materials can be low the input volume of the rapid detector is so low that it results in a significant volume mismatch.

This mismatch can be addressed by using the Concentrating Pipette to concentrate the entire sample – delivering a final sample volume of approximately 200 µL, while improving the limit of detection by two, three, or even four orders of magnitude. Thus it enables detection at previously undetectable levels. Because the system performs an automated concentration and simultaneous clean buffer exchange, sample washing to remove potential inhibitors is also reduced, saving time and effort.

The concentration process uses dead-end filtration to capture particles onto the surface of a porous membrane filter within the Concentrating Pipette’s single-use tip.

The Tips have the ability to capture micro-particles including biological particles, such as bacteria, parasites, molds, spores and whole cells from samples based on the pore size of the membrane within the tip, then it delivers those micro-particles into an extremely small final volume to match the input volume of detection methods such as immunoassay, PCR, and AquaScope. Nowhere is this more important than for the preparation of biological samples for trace analysis in collected samples.

The Concentrating Pipette is so simple that non-technical users can be trained in less than 10 minutes. The intuitive controls provide one button push to begin the concentration process and one button push to elute the final sample. It is also fast – with the ability to concentrate up to a 100 millilitres per minute.